Guidelines on Thesis Defense

  • The student must register in the Thesis activity in the current semester.
  • The student must fill out the Official Letter for Scheduling the Comprehensive Exam or the Thesis and send it to the email: .
  • The student’s adviser is responsible for appointing the examining committee, which must be in accordance with PPGSP Internal Regulations:

Art. 60. The defense committee shall be composed of professors with qualified training, including the adviser and a substitute, with its members appointed by the adviser and designated by the Graduate Program or the Course Coordination. 

§4º. For the PhD, the defense committee will be composed of a minimum of (5) members:

I. By the student’s adviser;

II. At least one faculty member linked to the PPGSP;

III. At least two (2) professors, researchers or professionals external to the PPGSP who meet the requirements regarding their respective degrees and qualifications;

IV. By a substitute (external or PPGSP faculty member, depending on the origin of the replaced full member) who must have mastery of the theme or methodology of the thesis project. 

§5º. In the case of co-supervision, the respective professor may compose the committee as a sixth (6th) member.

  • The student must send proof of publication and submission of scientific articles OR books. As provided in Article 42 of the Internal Regulations:

VIII. To be qualified for the defense, it is mandatory have at least one (1) approved scientific article (letter of acceptance for publication or published version) AND one (1) article submitted for publication in a journal recognized by the Qualis of the Collective Health area (in force in the referred period) classified in the level B2 or higher OR have one (1) book chapter published or submitted classified in the level L2 or higher AND have one (1) book published or submitted classified in the level L2 or higher. (Amendment approved at the PPGSP committee meeting on November 05, 2018).

  • The secretariat registers the committee in the UFC academic system (SIGAA) and reserves the classroom or the virtual web conference room.
  • After the defense, the adviser must forward the minute signed by the  examining committee members to the email: .
  • The secretariat consolidates the Thesis activity with the concept: Approved or Not Approved.