The PPGSP/UFC joins the Program of Alliances for Education and Training (PAEC), a result of cooperation between the Group of International Cooperation of Brazilian Universities (GCUB) and the Organization of American States (OAS). The objective of the PAEC is to contribute to the integration and strengthening of the America region by providing scholarships for complete stricto sensu graduate courses (Master’s and PhD degrees) offered by Brazilian universities associated with the GCUB to students from the 34 member countries of the OAS, with the exception of Brazil. 

Through an agreement with the UFC, the PPGSP receives annual applications from students from OAS member countries, according to the Calls of the PAEC Brazil Scholarship Program OAS-GCUB. Once selected, the PPGSP/UFC guarantees access to the scholarship, CAPES or CNPq, to attend the Master’s or PhD courses.

Foreign students and alumni selected by the PAEC:


Guillermo Guillermo May (México) – Class of 2016

Carlos Erasmo Sanhueza Sanzana (Chile) – Class of 2018

Lucía Belén Peréz (Argentina) – Class of 2020 

Lina Alejandra Nieto Manzano (Mexico) – Class of 2021

Melicile Glesil (Haiti) – Class of 2021

Toa Leonor Munhoz Tello (Ecuador) – Class of 2021


Fernando Marcelo Armijos Briones (Ecuador) – Class of 2016 

Anabel Rojas Carmona (Mexico) – Class of 2018

Marcela Rocio Arias Caicedo (Colombia) – Class of 2021

Marco Tulio Gerardo Solano Garcia (El Salvador) – Class of 2021

Freddy Vasquez Yali (Colombia) – Class of 2021