The curricular structure of the Graduate Program in Public Health at the UFC covers a set of academic components defined as disciplines, modules or academic activities, whose completion is part of the requirements for obtaining the degree. The basic unit for evaluation of the intensity and duration of disciplines or graduate modules is the credit, which corresponds to 16 (sixteen) class hours.

The assessment will be expressed as a final result by means of grades on a scale of 0 (zero) to 10 (ten) with a maximum of one decimal place. In each discipline/module, the student who presents attendance equal to or higher than seventy-five percent of the activities developed and a final mark equal to or higher than 5.0 (five) will be considered successful. 

For curricular components called activities, students must enroll in the corresponding semester and, if they do not complete the component during the academic period, enrollment must be renewed at the beginning of the next semester until its completion. The assessment of curricular components called activities will be expressed in the final result by the concepts of approved or not approved.

  • Only students who meet the following conditions may register for Master’s dissertation or PhD thesis:

  1. have passed all compulsory modules in the curriculum;
  2. have obtained a final average measured by the grade point average (GPA), equal to or greater than 7.0 (seven);
  3. have demonstrated proficiency in at least one foreign language;
  4. have passed the comprehensive exam.

  • The student will be dismissed from the graduate program, through cancellation, if:

  1. failing a discipline/module/activity twice;

  2. does not meet the requirements of the program’s Internal Regulations;

  3. has not enrolled in a discipline, module or activity in the corresponding academic period.

Enrollment as Special Student

The special student must be actively enrolled in a Master’s or PhD course recognized by CAPES.

The interested student should contact the professors responsible for the module/discipline of his interest and request authorization to take the curricular component.

After authorization of participation in the module/discipline, the student must forward the following documents to the program’s e-mail:

  • ID and CPF;
  • Enrollment statement from your course of origin;
  • Proof of residence.

The secretariat registers the special student in the UFC academic system (SIGAA) and makes the enrollment in the respective curricular components. Then, the student can generate a username and password to access the module/discipline.

At the end of the module/discipline, the student must ask each of the professors to sign the Declaration with Grade and Attendance in Attended Discipline – Master’s / Declaration with Grade and Attendance in Attended Discipline – PhD.

The document will be used by your course secretariat to carry out the grading.